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summer in the city

It’s a summer for getting out and enjoying yourself, but you’ll only get as far as your gear takes you.

yew yew ashtray
While pretty much any ashtray can do all the things an ashtray needs to do—catch and hold ashes—great ashtrays do it with style. The Yew Yew Ashtray is beautiful, weighty and fits snugly in the palm of your hand, making good to hold and better to pass.
The design is inspired by the age of TV dinners, but this isn’t necessarily a tool to leave at home. It’s lightweight and at 8 x 11”, fits into any standard backpack, so it can tag along on picnics, camping trips and anywhere else a sturdy surface keeps you rolling.
vintage bus ceramic pipe
Sometimes style is just style. Yes, this ceramic bus works as well as any other pipe you’ll find, but that’s hardly the point. This is hippie chic and a perfect conversation starter if you’re looking to make new friends.
shine 24k gold rolling papers
Anyone can roll up a joint with paper, but a true king of summer demands something a little finer. Literally sending your gold up in smoke—that’s more than a joint, that’s a statement.
spiritleaf grinder
As you head out into the heat and fresh air, it is a moral imperative that all of your essentials are covered. Spiritleaf’s standard grinder checks all the boxes—magnetic lid, diamond teeth, kief screen—and is durable enough to be the last grinder you ever buy.
firedog smell proof bag
The bag for inside your bag, keeping your bud and supplies contained and secure. More importantly, it keeps the odour contained and secure, so the only thing that smells weedy is your weed.
moose labs mouthpiece
You might like the funky colours, or maybe you prefer your hits to be filtered and smooth, or maybe you just don’t want to stick your lips where others have been. Whatever your reason, one of these in your pack means you’re always session-ready.
Studio A-OK QuarterPype
If you only pick up one accessory for your summer, make it a quality one-hitter you can count on. The glass QuarterPype keeps things simple:  put your weed in one side and your mouth on the other. And know that you’ll always look good doing it.
palmetto vape batteries
No special features is the special feature here, as Palmetto values convenience and quality above all else. They also like to keep things weird and couldn’t we all use a little weird right now?

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