you have the right to smoke the good stuff.

You - Yes You.

You deserve better weed. Good weed. You deserve the best weed.
No more pop-corn and no more shake. No more nasty, dank schwag. You have the right to big, sticky nugs.


To variety—indicas to end your day, sativas to start your night and everything in between.

YOU deserve

to not have to care about phenotypes and genotypes, but know that the person who grew your weed cared way too much about whatever that stuff is.

YOU have
the right

to rich, full-bodied flavour in your joints. You have the right to thick plumes of white that roll heavy across your tongue and dance lightly in the air.

YOU deserve BUDS

you can give a nice, long sniff and pick out the subtle scent of spice or lemon or a long morning walk in the woods,
while all your philistine friends are pretty sure their weed just smells like weed (and, frankly, you aren’t even sure why you’re still friends with those people anyway).


to vape it or dab it or eat it or drink it or whatever else you can think of.
Most of all, you deserve better because you know better. You have high standards—the highest, really. You appreciate craft and you understand quality. You know what you like and you absolutely demand the best.

You—you!—deserve it.

We’re Top Leaf and you have the right to smoke the good stuff.
Words By:
Tyler Hellard
images by:
Stunt Pilot + 
Tieran Green
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