Letter From The Editor

We’re so pleased to release our first issue of Roller’s Rights, it’s been a long time in the making. Top Leaf was founded with one goal in mind: to deliver the highest quality of cannabis. Cannabis so good that your friends keep asking you where you got it. Cannabis that looks and smells so great that you just want to show it off and share with friends. Our focus on quality has been pivotal in the rise of Top Leaf and we are thankful for our Top Leaf Community for their support throughout the years. We continue to strive to provide you an elevated experience.

Now, back to Roller’s Rights. The idea of Roller’s Rights was created as way to share our passion for cannabis. While cannabis has only been legal in Canada for a couple of years, it has a rich history going back decades. We’ve met some of the most interesting people throughout our ventures and we wanted to share our perspective and experiences around the thrilling cannabis lifestyle. Initially, Roller’s Rights was meant to be a glossy-paper format available for free in cannabis retail stores, but like many other things, COVID-19 threw a wrench in those plans. We believed in the project too much to abandon the idea, so we switched gears and created it in a digital format. Just like cannabis, we are continuously striving for growth and improvement, so look for bigger, better versions of Roller’s Rights in the near future. Until then, stay lit.

Jay Anthony
Co-Founder, Top Leaf