The High Life / High Style

Back in Black

There’s an appeal to practicality and a grace to simplicity, when form and function cease to be separate concepts. And you know who loves dark and brooding? Everybody.
summerland pleasure point
All bongs are not created equal. This is handmade craftsmanship in its purest form—pristine curves, precise lines and absolutely no cruft.
The Jane West Compact
hey say discretion is the better part of valour. Based on the classic compacts women have been using for decades, this sleek package handily hides two kinds of bud and supplies.
Burnt Briq
Poured concrete lends this the weight you want from a quality ashtray. The walnut lid seals in the odour, leaving you with a coffee-table conversation piece your guests will appreciate.
Tweed Sherlock Pipe
Style so simple, you could even say it’s elementary, my dear. This four-inch pipe is easy to clean, fun to smoke and doesn’t look out of place when you’re on the case.
truetoke blunt hitters
Durability and discretion are front and centre in this cone-shaped hitter. Gunmetal black is never a bad look, turning even this simple tube into an object of desire.
silverstick rivet
Convenience shouldn’t come with compromise. The SilverStick is the last one-hitter you’ll need and this leather carrying case makes certain it travels well.
journey pipe j3
The perfectly contained form is just the beginning. Inside you’ll discover a sizeable bowl, because despite what you’ve heard, size matters. It’s also entirely screenless, so the 
draw is always smooth.
Genius High Expectations
Art-deco style and a tight form factor hide the features inside. This is no basic pipe—it’s sturdy, magnetically sealed and has a brilliantly designed filter that cleans and cools.
Words By:
Tyler Hellard
images by:
Tieran Green
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