L.A. Kush Cake
Indica Hybrid

A relative newcomer to the mouth-watering world of dessert strains, LA Kush Cake has quickly made a name for itself as a coveted heavy-hitting indica with a subtle, smooth smoke and a strong, euphoric effect that slowly sneaks up on you. If you’re looking to truly unwind after a long day, this strain is the one to treat yourself with. Let’s take a closer look at what makes LA Kush Cake so delicious.

LA Kush Cake is undoubtedly the king of cake cannabis strains, which are some of the most sought-after cultivars on the market right now. Beloved for their powerful potency, these strains bode tasty terpene profiles that are reminiscent of decadent desserts. LA Kush Cake is no different, and is the descendant of Wedding Cake and Kush Mints, two notoriously strong and wildly popular dessert-leaning strains hailing originally from—you guessed it—California.

Wedding Cake + Kush Mints
average thc level:
23% – 28%
(230 mg/g - 280 mg/g)

Just a dab of Wedding Cake...
Wedding Cake is an extremely potent indica-hybrid made by crossing Triangle Kush with Animal Mints, and passed down its famous mellowing effects that calm both the body and mind, and a little bit of its bold, tangy flavour profile.

And a hit of Kush Mints...
Kush Mints is made by crossing Animal Mints with Bubba Kush. Known for its elaborate flavour profile, Kush Mints passed down its mint cookie taste and uplifting effects.

The biggest asset that LA Kush Cake inherited from both its parental strains is its strength. Both Wedding Cake and Kush Mints are well known for their extraordinarily high potency to match their unique flavour profiles, and LA Kush Cake has both in spades.

Depending on the season and climate, cultivating LA Kush Cake can be considered a moderate task, but with patience and persistence, the strain can produce impressive yields in about 7 to 8 weeks. It’s easy to know when LA Kush Cake is ready to harvest thanks to its intense skunky-diesel pungency.

Like it’s other fine cultivars, Top Leaf grows its LA Kush Cake in small-scale grow rooms that are meticulously kept, providing the specific light and feeding schedule needed to maximize terpenes and THC levels. Flowers are then hang dried by hand before being cured for at least 28 days to bring out a rich and robust smoking experience. It is then trimmed before being hand-finished and hand bottled.

LA Kush Cake takes the proverbial cake in terms of aroma, taste, and appearance. And like all good cakes, this strain is capital ‘I’ Indulgent in every way. Let’s break down all the ways this strain appeals to the senses.

LA Kush Cake looks just as good as it smells and tastes. The first thing you’ll notice is how textured each dense, dark-green bud is. That’s thanks to a generous frosting of trichome crystals. Look closer and you’ll see multi-coloured pistils of bright green, shag-rug orange, and little pops of purple on the calyxes.

Everyone knows that a good kush should punch you in the nose the second you come close to it, and LA Kush Cake does just that. Saying it’s aroma is complex would be an understatement. Expect near-offensive levels of pungent earthy woods, skunk, diesel, musk, and slight pepper mixed with cookies, cream and saccharinely sweet vanilla swirling together to fully envelop your nostrils.

Sweet vanilla and the earthy diesel of a proper kush.

Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool, Myrcene, Humulene

LA Kush Cake often surprises with how shockingly smooth it smokes. With each toke you’ll be treated to a luxurious minty mouthfeel with faint traces of citrus and a touch of sour diesel. You may find yourself wanting to go back often for it’s pleasant and near-refreshing taste—and we wouldn’t blame you—but we’d advise going slow. With THC levels as high as 29% this indica-hybrid will creep on you and has the potential to hit you so heavy you’ll sink to the bottom of your couch without even noticing. However, if you want everything (including your mind, body, and the world around you) to slow down to a near halt before bed, then there’s a pretty good chance LA Kush Cake will help.

Earthy peppermint with tiny punches of citrus and sour diesel.

Unwinding before bed, experiencing slow-motion from the comfort of your couch.

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