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That's a Wrap!

Vaping, edibles, oils, capsules, the other kind of vaping, tinctures, dabbing, shatter, sprays, infused drinks, cannabutter, cannapops, cannahoney, cannamilk (it's a thing) and, somewhat incredibly, bath bombs. In 2020, there are a lot of ways to get weed into your body (and those aren't even all of them).

Your parents and your parent's parents and your parent's parent's parents all the way back since time immemorial? They didn't fuss around with that stuff. They didn't have the luxury of "options" or "freedom" or "app-connected Bluetooth bongs." They took their bud, they ground it up, they rolled it in paper, and they lit the damn thing on fire. Was it civilized? Impossible to say for sure, but retro never goes out of style, and there's something to be said rolling old school.

Even that is complicated in this brave new world, where weed is legal, and choices abound. You can't just grab a pack of Zig Zags from the nearest Circle K and call it a day. (Well, you can, but where's the fun in that?) The discerning smoker considers their paper with care. Additives, bleach, glue—these aren't just things get in the way of a superlatively smooth smoke.

Herbal Goods has you covered— or more accurately, they have your weed covered with their all-natural, pre-rolled cones. Each is hand rolled and carefully tied, using Coromandel ebony leaves harvested from the Bengal region in South Asia. There are no pesticides and no additives of any kind. These cones are sun-dried, stuck with a corn-husk filter and cured in a clay oven. That's it, that's all, that's the entire process.

Once stuffed with your favourite product, they burn slow and smooth and clean—arguably the cleanest. The care taken in making these cones forces you to slow down and appreciate every draw. They call it "natural luxury," which at its price point actually might be "peak luxury," but there's no denying it's a better smoke that leaves the flavour of your favourite cultivars unsullied. Who are we to put a price on the perfect puff? Your ancestors would be jealous.

Words By:
Tyler Hellard
images by:
Herbal Goods Co.
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